Avian EyeShield Winged Eyecups

  • A must have for everyone who uses binoculars
  • Dramatically improves the performance of even the finest optics by blocking out all ambient light
  • Patented universal design easily attaches to all binoculars & most spotting scopes
  • Durable yet soft & flexible rubber comfortably conforms to the side of the face, enveloping the eyes in total darkness
  • Also blocks out wind, dust, rain, snow & peripheral distractions
  • When not needed, simply flip down into the stowed position, where they will not interfere with covers or cases
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Fits all major brands of binoculars
  • Two sizes available...
    Compact: for eyecups approx 28mm to 37mm
    Standard: for eyecups approx 36mm to 44mm

Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference. Few would expect that such a simple accessory could allow such a marked improvement in image quality, but as someone once said 'seeing is believing'.

"I spend a lot of time in the field both as a guide and an avid outdoorsman. I can honestly say that the EYESHIELD is one of the best products I take into the field." J Giles
"It should be illegal to sell binos without these!" S McAfee
"EyeShields make my Swarovski's even better." C Gibbs
"I see a tremendous difference... especially at night." J Davison

The EYESHIELD is is a flexible molded rubber material that connects to the eye piece of the binocular. The EYESHIELD cradles your eye and prevents ambient light from entering into the space between your eye and the binocular eyepiece that causes lens glare. An added benefit is the EYESHIELD protects the eyes from wind, rain, snow and dust. This is a must have for everyone who uses binoculars.

Compact Size Eyeshields
The Compact EyeShield from Avian is designed to attach to compact size binocular with eyecup diameters from 1.10 inch to 1.46 inch (approx 28mm to 37mm).

Standard Size Eyeshields
The Standard EyeShield from Avian is designed to attach to standard size binocular with eyecup diameters from 1.45 inch to 1.75 inch (approx 36mm to 44mm). Get two sets of the standard size EYESHIELDS with the twin pack!

Ten Reasons Why Bird Enthusiasts Love Eyeshields

You can see the colors & designs of wings & bodies better because the eyeshields protect your eyes from glare.

Natural & comfortable fit - you can focus on what birds are doing & which bird you are watching rather than getting your binoculars or scope to be more comfortable.

Significant day-to-night improvement in clarity - cuts down on ghosting & wind flares so you can watch the early birds that catch worms at dawn, the birds that feed their young at lunch & the birds that like to soar at dusk.

Most eye shields are inflexible, these are crafted from durable, malleable molded rubber so they're fast and easy to take on & off. When you are walking to a new site or putting your binoculars away for the day, just flip down & stow!

They let you focus on the beauty of nature instead of the wind & dust blowing into your eyes.

Surrounds the eye sockets in total darkness, improving direct line of sight & peripheral vision so you can get a clear view of where your bird is flying, eating or exploring.

If you loved bird watching before, you'll love it even more now - Eyeshields enhance & extend your overall viewing experience - no more headaches!

A universal accessory that fits most binocular manufacturer's models-- Turns your good binoculars into GREAT binoculars!

Lifetime guarantee against damage.

They're affordable, in stock & you can conveniently order online anytime!

Avian Compact EyeShield Winged Eyecups £19.95
Avian Standard EyeShield Winged Eyecups £19.95
Avian Standard EyeShield Winged Eyecups Twin Pack £25.95

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